For Actors

Ben can help at all stages of the acting process whether your need is dialect, voice/text or all at once.

He can help at all stages of the process, from audition prep to preparing for the role and working on vocal or dialect issues while the show is running.

Some Shakespeare in RP IPA

Some Shakespeare in RP IPA

Ben is a trained voice/text and dialect coach and can work with you on dialect sounds, vocal connection to the text, vocal extremes, etc., etc. He has worked with actors in rehearsal to help an actor shape their performance and intention to best serve the piece, the director and writer's needs, and to support the vocal instrument for rehearsal and performance.

If an actor knows the International Phonetic Alphabet in his sessions, Ben will use phonetics.  However, he is very experienced in working with actors who don't have an IPA background, and will give the actor tools for notating the sound changes.

Musicals - For actors auditioning for a musical, Ben has a great deal of experience and skill in putting dialect onto song, having worked on a number of Broadway shows, National tours and regional musical productions. He has collaborated closely with actors - including some on their TONY award winning roles - as well as composers, directors, and musical supervisors/directors to work out how dialect can work best within the melody and rhythm of individual songs within musicals.

He can work with you in person or via Skype/Facetime.

To contact Ben either click here to email him directly or you can phone: (917) 791-4043