For TV & Film Producers, Directors, and Production Co-ordinators

Ben is equipped to help you at any or all stages of production. This could consist of:

Pre-production. Liasing with director and producers to clarify the exact dialect needed and  doing prep and rehearsal with the actors.

On-set work to help the actors be as comfortable with the dialect as possible, allowing their focus to be on the work and not on how they are saying the words. The less self-conscious an actor can be with their dialect, the better the performance will be.

ADR. Ben can be with you in the studio to make sure the lines that need to be recorded are consistent with the dialect work done on set during the shoot.

Ben is more than happy to work with Non-Disclosure agreements.

As a personal rule, Ben never discusses or critiques on social or other media the dialect or performances of actors he has either worked with or on films or shows he has seen.


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