I had the great good fortune to meet Ben several years ago when I was employed as a regular actor on the CBS show Elementary in New York. Ben was my onset dialect coach on that show for around 18 months. He has a thorough understanding of his role on the set. He is understated. He listens quietly to every take, and will approach very respectfully if there was a slip in the dialect. An absolute joy to work with.

Ben has an uncanny ability to find and teach any dialect required in a play, or film, or TV show. I have contacted him many times since our Elementary days. On several occasions I have needed to learn an obscure dialect, and he was always my first choice.

I have worked with many gifted dialect coaches around the world. Ben Furey is the perfect fit for me. He is also a delightful, intelligent, and humane man.

I recommend Ben very highly and without hesitation

John Noble, actor in Elementary, Fringe, The Lord Of The Rings

For TV & Film Producers, Directors, and Production Co-ordinators

Ben is equipped to help you at any or all stages of production. This might consist of:

Pre-production: Liasing with director and producers to clarify the exact dialect or dialects needed, and  doing prep and rehearsal work with the actors.

During filming: On-set work to help the actors be as comfortable with the dialect as possible, allowing their focus to be on the work and not on how they are saying the words. The less self-conscious an actor can be with their dialect, the better the performance will be.

ADR: Ben can be with you in the studio to make sure that the dialect in lines being recorded is consistent with the dialect work done during the shoot.

Ben is happy to work with Non-Disclosure/Privacy Agreements.

As a personal ethical rule, Ben never discusses or critiques on social or other media, the dialect or performance of any actor he has worked with, or the dialect performances of actors he has witnessed.

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