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“Ben Furey - a quiet force on Broadway”
Laura Henry, Master Acting Teacher/Coach & Script-doctor in NY and LA.

Ben is one of the leading dialect and voice/text coaches in New York. He can work with you at any or all stages of the rehearsal and performance process. He can assist you as a dialect coach, as a voice/text coach, and has often worked as all three on productions.

Dialect - prior to the rehearsal or workshop, he work with the director to put together a plot of dialect needs for all the characters with an emphasis both on accuracy and audience comprehension.

During rehearsals, he can work with the actors as a group and individually to make the dialect as accurate and clear as possible. 

Ben will attend run-throughs and previews as required to listen and then give notes to the actors.

Once the show is in performance, he will attend performances as required to maintain the dialect to the opening night standard as well as working with understudies and replacement actors.

Voice/Text - Ben can work with actors to help them with vocal production at any stage of the rehearsal or performance process. He can work with vocal support for filling the space or helping the actor to work on moments of voice in extremis.

He has worked with actors in rehearsal to help an actor shape their vocal performance and intention to best serve the piece, the director and writer's needs, and to support their vocal instrument for rehearsal and performance.

Musicals - Ben has a great deal of experience and skill in putting dialect onto songs. He has worked with the musical supervisors/directors, the directors, and the composers of Broadway, National tours, and regional productions to work out how dialect can work best within the melody and rhythm of individual songs within musicals.

Children - Ben has worked very successfully with literally hundreds of children for Broadway shows and National Tours, as well as off-Broadway and regional productions. He worked with the three TONY award winning Billy Elliots as well as the four Matildas who won TONYs for Excellence in Theatre. He has developed a method of working that has proved itself in big shows like Billy Elliot and Matilda to small plays like Animal and Our New Girl (Atlantic Theatre Company) .

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